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Oscar Hammerstein, II

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Look, He Made A Hat: Sondheim Talks Sondheim.

The musical-theater titan tells the stories behind some of his most famous work, from West Side Story to Gypsy. And he offers some surprising criticisms of other theater greats, including his mentor Oscar Hammerstein.


Producer-Director Jamie Hammerstein

Hammerstein, who died in January of 1999, was the son of the great Broadway lyricist Oscar Hammerstein, whose many hits include The Sound of Music, The King and I and Oklahoma! The younger Hammerstein was a producer, director and stage manager for many productions.


Remembering Jamie Hammerstein.

We remember Jamie Hammerstein, Broadway producer, director and son of composer Oscar Hammerstein. He died last week at the age of 67 from a heart attack. (REBROADCAST from 3/14/95)

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