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Bringing the Harmonica to Vaudeville Theaters and Concert Halls

Larry Adler grew up in Baltimore and started playing the Vaudeville circuit as a teenager. He later pursued classical music, even though no repertoire existed for his instrument. Blacklisted during the McCarthy era, Adler moved to England, but still returns to the States to perform.


Rediscovering the Vitality of Live Performance

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz shares his admiration for the Music & Arts Programs of America, a Berkeley-based record label that reissues classic performances from earlier in the 20th century.


Showcasing a Great Conductor's Skill

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews a reissued recording of Arturo Toscanini conducting Berlioz--a composer not often associated with the maestro. Schwartz says the improved sound quality will help listeners better appreciate the performances.


Leading an Orchestra with Leonard Slatkin.

Leonard Slatkin, music director of the St. Louis Symphony. Under his baton, the St. Louis Symphony has become one of the world's top symphonies, and one of the top five in America. (Rebroadcast. Original broadcast 7/8/87.)


Jacqueline Du Pré's Brief, but Brilliant, Life and Career.

Ellen Pfeifer, music critic for The Boston Herald, reviews the brief career of cellist Jacqueline Du Pré, who died on Monday from the effects of multiple sclerosis. Her playing was a described as a mixture of elegance and ferocity. When the disease struck at the age of 26, it cut short one of the most promising solo careers in all classical music.


Composer David Del Tredici is Ready to Leave "Alice" Behind.

Composer David Del Tredici. His works place him at the forefront of the neo-romantic movement. Del Tredici won the Pulitzer Prize for music in 1980 for his composition "In Memory of A Summer Day." From 1968 to 1985, his works evolved around themes from Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll's beloved fairy tale. It was his 1976 work, "Final Alice," commissioned by the Chicago Symphony, that first brought Del Tredici international recognition.


The Beauty of Tchaikovsky's Symphonies.

Classical Music Critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews a 1960 recording of Tchaikovsky's last three symphonies, conducted by Yevgeny Mravinsky and performed by the Leningrad Philharmonic.

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