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What It's Like To Be An Elderly Widow, All 'Alone'

Stewart O'Nan's moodily comic novel, Emily, Alone, follows an 80-year-old woman as she navigates the minutia of everyday life. O'Nan explains how he got inside Emily's head -- and why he wanted to write about the daily indignities of getting older.


The Joy Of The Mundane In 'Emily, Alone'

In his new novel, Emily, Alone, Stewart O'Nan explores the topics of widowhood and old age -- but the book never feels stale, says Fresh Air's Maureen Corrigan. Instead, it is a charming, quiet meditation on getting older.


An Inside Account of the World of High-Fashion.

An inside account of the world of high-fashion. Nina Blanchard is founder of Nina Blanchard Agency which is considered one of nation’s most prestigious modeling agencies. Blanchard herself discovered supermodel Cheryl Tiegs. She’s been called The Beauty Broker. She has written a novel based on the fashion world The Look, (Dutton 1995) Blanchard talks about what it takes to be a model, the pressures they’re under and why she herself finally had enough.


Actress Vanessa Redgrave on Taking Risks

Redgrave appeared in over 50 films, including "Morgan!", "Blow Up", "Julia" and "Howards End". Her stage work has included Shakespeare, Chekhov, Noel Coward and Tennessee Williams. She comes from a celebrated theater family, and her daughters are both actresses. Redgrave is also well known for her political activism, including support for Nuclear Disarmament and Palestinian causes. Her memoirs have just been published by Random House.


Actress Lauren Bacall on Romance On- and Off-Screen

Actress Lauren Bacall is a legend, though she doesn't like to think of herself as such. She's been a star of stage and screen for fifty years, was married to Humphrey Bogart, and won the National Book Award for her 1978 autobiography "By Myself." Her new book, "Now," is about the experiences that have shaped her life. (TIHS IS AN EXTENDED VERSION OF THE INTERVIEW BROADCAST 10/18/94)


Gloria Steinem Reflects on Aging.

Writer, feminist, organizer, and the founder of Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinem. She has a new book of essays, "Moving Beyond Words, (Simon & Schuster). In one of the essays she wonders -- what if Freud were female? -- and imagines what life would be like if one of the most "enduring, influential, and fiercely defended thinkers" in Western civilization were Dr. Phyllis Freud. In her new book Steinem also reflects on turning 60.


Writer and Critic Doris Grumbach on Turning 70.

Writer and critic Doris Grumbach. In her new memoir, "Coming Into The End Zone," Grumbach chronicles the 70th year of her life, faces the specter of her impending death, as well of the deaths of several of her friends due to AIDS. (It's published by Norton).

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