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Nineteen sixties

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Bio Credits Manson's Terrible Rise To Right Place And Time

California parolee Charles Manson arrived in San Francisco in 1967, when the city was full of young waifs looking for a guru. In Manson, Jeff Guinn argues that if the cult leader had instead been paroled in a place like Nebraska, he likely would not have been so successful.


Matthew Weiner On 'Mad Men' And Meaning

The creator of the acclaimed AMC series talks about his protagonist -- Don Draper -- as an aging existentialist looking for meaning in a chaotic world. He says the show's sixth season, set in 1968, is situated in that historical meaning for a reason: to reflect a traumatic passage in Don's life.


This Spring, Rejoice At Rebirth Of 'Mad Men'

It used to be that TV's biggest annual event was the arrival of the fall season, but these days excellent shows premiere year-round. This spring, the return of AMC's stylish drama is the best reason to celebrate the season: The two-hour premiere delivers on the show's highest ambitions.


'Not Fade': Rock 'N' Roll, Here To Stay

In his new film, Sopranos creator David Chase tells a coming-of-age story about Jersey boys in the 1960s who dream of riding the wave of the British invasion all the way to stardom. Chase teams up with Steven Van Zandt -- of the E Street Band and The Sopranos -- to make the movie's music rock.


The Insect Trust: An American Band Deconstructed.

One of the great fantasies of the hippie era was that new combinations of music would emerge from the experimentation that was going on. Still, very few lived it. Ed Ward says The Insect Trust was one of the exceptions.


The Smothers Brothers: A 'Dangerously Funny' Pair

In the late 1960s, Tommy and Dick Smothers challenged those who tried to tame their wildly popular show, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. TV critic David Bianculli joins host Terry Gross to talk about the legendary comedy duo who tackled political issues and censorship.


Maddening 'Mad Men' And Its Redemptive St. Joan

The Emmy-darling AMC TV series devotes an almost fetishistic attention to style. But is there any substance beyond the surfaces? Critic-at-large John Powers goes looking — and comes back with one especially well-rounded answer.


The Men Behind AMC's Hit 'Mad Men'

The reign of AMC's Mad Men continues with a new season and another Emmy. Terry Gross discusses the show's success with executive producer Matthew Weiner and actors Jon Hamm and John Slattery.


'Mad Men' Returns, With A British Invasion

When last we saw the ad men and women of AMC's Mad Men, the firm had just been bought by a British company and the Cuban missile crisis was underway. Critic David Bianculli offers a sneak peak at what additional drama the new season might hold.


The Art Of The Sell: 'Mad Men' Cashes In On Emmys

On Sept. 21, the AMC series Mad Men became the first basic cable program to win an Emmy Award for outstanding drama. Executive producer Matthew Weiner and actors Jon Hamm and John Slattery discuss the madness of Madison Avenue circa 1960.

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