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Nineteen sixties

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The Insect Trust: An American Band Deconstructed.

One of the great fantasies of the hippie era was that new combinations of music would emerge from the experimentation that was going on. Still, very few lived it. Ed Ward says The Insect Trust was one of the exceptions.


Maddening 'Mad Men' And Its Redemptive St. Joan

The Emmy-darling AMC TV series devotes an almost fetishistic attention to style. But is there any substance beyond the surfaces? Critic-at-large John Powers goes looking — and comes back with one especially well-rounded answer.


In 1963, Rock Still Hadn't Taken Hold in America

Rock historian Ed Ward continues his look back at rock's evolution over the decades. In 1963, while the genre flourished in England, American audiences listened mostly to pop music -- some great, some not so much.


The Return of 1960s Fashion

Critic Maureen Corrigan comments on the latest women's fashion trend--a reboot of styles she grew up wearing. Corrigan never thought they were exciting, and wonders why they're so popular now.


The 1960s Blues Revival Pushed the Boundaries of Rock

Rock historian Ed Ward says that bands like the Rolling Stones helped popularize the distinctly African American genre. Interest in blues led more musicians to picking up the electric guitar, including Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, who would take rock music in a new direction.


Looking Beyond Motown

Rock historian Ed Ward remembers the black Detroit musicians who made their mark with the city's smaller record labels.

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