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Hard Copy: Reporter Pens Killer Newsroom Novel

As a journalist, John Darnton spent 40 years at The New York Times. As a novelist, he writes colorful mysteries. His newest murder yarn, set in a big-city newsroom that seems awfully familiar: Black and White and Dead All Over.


Newsroom Poetry

Poet David Tucker is the assistant managing editor of The New Jersey Star Ledger and was part of the team that won the Pulitzer last year for breaking news. His new collection of poems is called Late for Work.


Katharine Graham

We remember the former publisher of The Washington Post, Katharine Graham. She died July 17th at the age of 84. Graham's father owned The Post in 1933 and later her husband, Phil Graham, took over. Following her husband's suicide in 1963, Graham became publisher, knowing little about the managerial or journalistic aspects of the job. But, learning while she worked, she transformed the paper into one of the country's most respected newspapers. The Post broke the Watergate scandal and published the Pentagon Papers against a federal judge's ruling.


Canadian Novelist Robertson Davies.

Writer Robertson Davies. He is one of Canada's pre-eminent novelists, the author of more than two dozen books, among which are the acclaimed novels "Fifth Business," "The Manticore and World of Wonders," which make up the "Deptford Trilogy." Davies latest book, "The Lyre of Orpheus," has just come out in paperback. For many years, Davies was a journalist, editing "The Peterborough Examiner," turning it into one of Canada's finest papers.


Canadian Novelist Robertson Davies

Davies began his working life as an actor in England. At the start of World War II, he returned to his home country of Canada and became a journalist. Now a popular author best known for his Deptfod Trilogy, Davies says he still only "squeaks by" as a writer.


Washington Monthly Editor Charles Peters

The veteran journalist is also considered one of the founders of neoliberalism. Peters says more people can, like him, do what they love for a living if they focus less on money and more on the work. By choice, Peters pays himself a modest salary--less than what many reporters make today.


Gossip Columnist and Editor Susan Mulcahy

Mulcahy wrote for the New York Post's Page Six, and now works for New York Newsday. While the column she now helms features salacious stories, she considers certain topics off-limits, like AIDS and the outing of gay and lesbian public figures. Mulcahy's new memoir is called My Lips Are Sealed.


Working As a Newspaper Book Critic and Editor with Rebecca Sinkler.

Rebecca Sinkler is the editor of the Sunday Book Page at the Philadelphia Inquirer. She recently published an article about the best books of 1980. Sinkler joins the show to discuss the trends of the year (a merging of fact and fiction, biography, and historical fiction), putting together a newspaper page, and the experiences that led her to criticism.

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