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New Yorker (New York, N.Y. : 1925)

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Remembering Brendan Gill.

Writer Brendan Gill died Saturday at the age of 83. We'll remember him with a excerpt from a November 1987 interview. He's best known for his work with The New Yorker magazine, for which he was hired in 1936. He wrote 15 books including biographies of Charles Lindberg, Cole Porter, and Tallulah Bankhead, and his best-seller "Here at the New Yorker." He was also an active campaigner for historic preservation in New York City. (REBROADCAST from 11/12/1987)


A Change of Leadership for "The New Yorker"

The publishing world was stunned yesterday by the announcement that Tina Brown, editor of Vanity Fair, is to be the new editor of "The New Yorker," replacing Robert A. Gottlieb, who resigned over philosophical differences with the magazine's publisher. Ms. Brown has promised not to change the magazine in ways that many staffers fear. Terry talks to writer John Updike and media critic Geoffrey Stokes about the change.


The New Yorker Moves Across the Street - and Ends an Era

Terry talks with humorist Calvin Trillin and cartoonist Edward Koren from the The New Yorker about the magazine's impending move. The magazine has been at its present location for almost 60 years. Some of the original office's furnishings are going to the Smithsonian.


Writer and Cartoonist William Hamilton

Hamilton says he'll always be pigeonholed as a New Yorker cartoonist; his work regularly appears in that magazine. His new novel, The Lap of Luxury, is about marrying into a rich family.

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