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'Car 54' Re-Release Drives An Old Fan To Reminisce.

Car 54, Where Are You?, the TV comedy series about a mythical police station in the Bronx, was created by Nat Hiken in 1961. It's just appeared for the first time on DVD to the delight of fans, including critic Lloyd Schwartz.


Novelist Richard Price

Price is the author of best-selling novels including Clockers, about life in the inner-city world of drug dealing (which was made into a film). He also penned Freedomland, which was inspired by a real-life incident in which a woman alleged a black man carjacked her and took her two children. Price's book Samaritan (in paperback) is about a man who returns to teach in the New Jersey town where he was raised, and the unfortunate results of his good intentions. Price also is a screenwriter with such notable films as Sea of Love, Ransom and The Color of Money. (Rebroadcast from Jan.


From the Archives: Remembering Joseph Vasquez.

Independent filmmaker Joseph Vasquez. His movie, "Hangin' With The Homeboys," was a semi autobiographical movie about Vasquez' home neighborhood in the South Bronx. He won a 1991 Sundance Film Festival award for the screenplay, which he wrote in three days. Vasquez died earlier this week of complications related to the AIDS virus. He had recently finished work on a new film, "Manhattan Meringue." (REBROADCAST from 6/17/91)


Novelist and Screenwriter Richard Price.

Novelist and screenwriter Richard Price. Price lists as influences Lenny Bruce, Dion, James Brown, and movies and TV. His first two novels, "The Wanderers," and "Bloodbrothers" were both made into films. Price was disappointed with the screen adaptations of those stories, and that experience led him to try his hand at screenwriting.


"Kids of Survival" Make Art.

Artist-teacher Tim Rollins and his student Carlos Rivera. In collaboration with his South Bronx high-school students Rollins has created "excellent...slightly miraculous art." ("New York" Magazine). Since 1981, the group known as K.O.S. (for Kids of Survival -- mostly black and Puerto Rican students), has had showings of its work in over 50 shows. Now there's a showing of their own, "Amerika," in New York.

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