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Jo Sullivan Loesser On Her 'Guy', Frank Loesser

Jo Sullivan Loesser met Broadway composer Frank Loesser when she was cast in his show The Most Happy Fella. The two later married and Jo Sullivan Loesser left show business for 17 years to raise their two children and help her husband with his writing.


Bernstein, 'An American Life'

We feature an excerpt from the radio program Leonard Bernstein: An American Life. The 11-part documentary series is about the life and work of the preeminent American composer/conductor. It's produced by Steve Rowland, narrated by Susan Sarandon, and distributed by WFMT - Chicago.


Original Broadway cast albums

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews a new series of original Broadway cast albums from shows that didn’t succeed but which contained numbers that shouldn’t be forgotten. (on DECCA).


Artistic Director Maurice Levine

For 26 years, Maurice Levine has been director of the 92nd Y's "Lyrics & Lyricist" series. It spotlights American lyricists and composers like Alan Jay Lerner, Stephen Sondheim, and Dorothy Fields. The series has consistently been a sell-out. Levine has also served as musical director/conductor/vocal arranger for Broadway shows and produced for television.

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