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Sabine Reichel Asks Her Country: "What Did You Do in the War?"

The German-born writer's memoir documents her parents' involvement in World War II. Reichel grew up in Hamburg after the end of the war, as the country dealt with the guilt of its Nazi past. She says the pain of that history was felt by all citizens, even if it was deeply repressed.


A Newfound Appreciation for Degenerate Art

Stephanie Barron curated of a new exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art called "Degenerate Art: The Fate of the Avant Garde in Nazi Germany." It recreates an exhibit the Nazis put together in 1937 to show the German public the types of art that they would no longer tolerate.


A Jewish Filmmaker on Interviewing Nazis

Documentary filmmaker Marcel Ophuls is best known for his 1970 work "The Sorrow and the Pity," about the conduct of the French people during the Holocaust. We rebroadcast a clip of him discussing how he feels when he speaks to Nazis or former Nazis about the war. (Rebroadcast)


German Jewish Track Star Margaret Bergmann Lambert on the 1936 Olympics

Lambert trained for the 1936 Berlin Olympics, but was not allowed on the German team because she is Jewish. She emigrated to the United States in 1937 and worked as a masseuse, maid and physical therapist. That same year, she won the U.S. high jump and shot-put titles. This year, Lambert accepted an invitation by the German Olympic committee to attend the Atlanta Games.


Two New Films Tackle the Holocaust

Film critic John Powers reviews two new movies about the horrors of World War II: "Life is Beautiful" and "Apt Pupil." They take wildly different approaches on the subject.


A Gripping Journal.

Book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews “Journal 1935-1944: The Fascist Years” (pub., Ivan Dee) a journal of Romanian writer Mihail Sebastian (“Me-hi-eel Sebas-ti-an”) about the Nazification of Europe.


'Auschwitz: A New History'

Laurence Rees' Auschwitz: A New History provides details about the inner workings of the camp: techniques of mass murder, the politics, the gossip mill between guards and prisoners, and the camp brothel.


William Dodd: The U.S. Ambassador In Hitler's Berlin

William Dodd served four years as the ambassador to Germany before resigning -- after repeated clashes with both Nazi Party officials and the State Department. Erik Larson chronicles Dodd's time in Berlin in his new book, In the Garden of Beasts.


Chris Weitz: From 'New Moon' To 'A Better Life'

The director's latest film follows a Mexican immigrant living illegally in Los Angeles who tries to evade immigration officials and the city's pervasive gang culture. It's a far cry from Weitz's earlier films, the blockbusters The Golden Compass and New Moon.

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