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Musical Film Actor Donald O'Connor

Actor, singer, and dancer Donald O'Connor is best known for this role in the film Singin' in the Rain. He talks about the making of that movie, the changing tastes in musical films, and the off-screen work he pursues to sustain his career.


Kander and Ebb, Musical Theater Songwriting Team.

Composer John Kander and lyricist Fred Ebb are one the most popular songwriting teams in the country. They wrote the music for Broadway shows such as "Cabaret," "Chicago," and "Woman of the Year." They've also composed the music for movies such as "Funny Lady" and "New York, New York." Their song of the same name from the latter film became a hit when sung by Frank Sinatra. Their new musical, "Zorba," stars Anthony Quinn.


John Waters on Nostalgia, Dance, and Hair.

The first part of a two-part interview with filmmaker and writer John Waters. His new film - "Hairspray" - follows a long line of wildly eccentric films like "Polyester," "Pink Flamingos," and "Female Trouble." Like those films, the setting for "Hairspray" is Baltimore. The cast includes Divine, Debbie Harry, Pia Zadora and Sonny Bono.


Tom Waits: The Fresh Air Interview

Tom Waits' music is changing, incorporating new styles like tango and Tin Pan Alley. He has a new performance film called Big Time, which features Waits singing different personas, and an album of the same name.


Carl Reiner Discusses His Life and Career.

Film director Carl Reiner. He was a writer and appeared in "Sid Caesar's Show of Shows." He's best-known to baby boomer audiences as the creator and writer of "The Dick Van Dyke Show." He also staged several Broadway plays, including "Enter Laughing," which is based on his novel and which he later adapted to the screen. Since then, he has concentrated on film direction, specifically comedies.


How Vincente Minnelli Shaped Movie Musicals.

Stephen Harvey, associate curator in the Department of Film of The Museum of Modern Art. The museum is currently showing a retrospective of the films of director Vincente Minnelli, including "Meet Me in St. Louis" and "An American in Paris." Harvey has written the companion book to the retrospective.


Character Actor and John Waters Muse Divine.

Character actor Divine. Divine was the most famous character in John Waters' movies...a 300 hundred pound transvestite who stared in such Waters classics as "Pink Flamingoes" and "Female Trouble." In "Hairspray," Divine played two roles--a man and a woman. Toward the end of his career, Divine appeared in two movies independent of Waters and also started to land T-V roles. Divine died shortly after he and Terry spoke. (Original date 2/23/88).


John Waters Discusses His New Musical Film.

Filmmaker John Waters. His latest film is "Cry Baby," a juvenile delinquent love story set in the 1950's, which brings together such performers as Patty Hearst, Johnny Depp (of Fox's tv show "21 Jump Street"), Ricki Lake, David Nelson, and Polly Bergen. Waters is known for his independent, off-beat films, such as "Pink Flamingos," "Female Trouble," and "Polyester." In 1988 Waters entered the mainstream with his popular film, "Hairspray."

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