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Gay Rights Activist Claudia Brenner.

Activist Claudia Brenner, one of the prominent voices against anti-gay violence. Her new book Eight Bullets: One Woman's Story of Anti-Gay Violence, (Firebrand) which she co-wrote with Hannah Ashley, is a personal account of her lover's murder and its aftermath: her path to recovery and activism. Brenner is an architect who lives in upstate New York with her lesbian family.


Novelist Albert French.

Novelist Albert French. He found inspiration for his first novel, "Billy" (Viking), in the true story of an 11-yr-old getting the electric chair in the 1930's. "Billy," is the story of the "legal lynching" of a ten year old boy in the deep south who inadvertently kills a white girl. French writes in "Delta" dialect, epitomizing racial hatred in America. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


Walking Along the "River's Edge"

Director Tim Hunter's new movie is about a teenage murderer and the impact his actions have on his friends. The movie stars Dennis Hopper, Keanu Reeves, and Crispin Glover.


Calvin Trillin Reports on "Killings" and the U.S.

Humorist and reporter Calvin Trillin is staff writer for the New Yorker and a humor columnist at The Nation. Trillin recently joined the show to discuss his love of rich regional and ethnic food which he chronicled in his book "Third Helpings." His New Yorker Magazine series "U. S. Journal" ended in 1982, but a collection of 16 of his stories about murder have been collected in the book "Killings."


The Life and Death of Nancy Spungen

In her new memoir, Deborah Spungen remembers her daughter, who was the girlfriend of the Sex Pistols' bass player Sid Vicious. Vicious confessed to murdering Nancy, but died of a drug overdose before his conviction.

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