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"At the Movies" with Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert.

Film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert come from two competing Chicago newspapers, but teamed up for the hit PBS show "Sneak Previews," which won an Emmy in 1979. The two have recently left PBS for a new, nationally-syndicated show. "At the Movies."


Pauline Kael on Film in the Eighties.

Pauline Kael is one of the country's most preeminent film critics. She came to the profession in her mid 40s after working in radio and owning a movie theater. She has written for New York Magazine since 1968, and her reviews have been collected in published in book since 1965. Her latest book is "State of the Art."


Leonard Maltin on Advancing Film Criticism.

Film Critic Leonard Maltin. Some TV viewers know him for his segments on "Entertainment Tonight," but he is perhaps as well known for his reference book Leonard Maltin's TV Movies and Video Guide.


Your Guide to Films Opening in December.

Fresh air Film Critic John Powers talks with Terry Gross about many, but not all, of the new Hollywood films that will be open by Christmas day. Powers talks about: “Jackie Brown,” “Kundun,” “Wag the Dog,” “As Good As It Gets,” “The Boxer,” “Deconstructing Harry,” “Good Will Hunting,” “The Sweet Hereafter,” and “After Glow.” Powers is also a film critic for Vogue. His articles have appeared in numerous
publications including, Rolling Stone, New York magazine, The Washington Post, The Nation, Harper’s, Film, and Film Comment and L.A. Weekly.

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