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Gene London On Television, Cartoons, and Costumes.

Gene London is known to Philadelphians as the host of the long-running children's program "Cartoon Corners General Store." London is also an expert on animation and the only person authorized to speak on behalf of Disney animation. His current passion is costume collecting and costume design. He focuses particularly on Hollywood costumes which is the focus of a lecture and film series London will host at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. (INTERVIEW BY DANNY MILLER).


Punk Rock Actress, Edie Massey.

Edie Massey is an actress known for her eccentric roles in John Waters' films. She has appeared in "Pink Flamingos" "Multiple Maniacs," and "Polyester." She was discovered by the director in a Baltimore bar, and she also runs a thrift store, "Edith's Shopping Bag," in the city. Massey also heads a punk act and is performing in Philadelphia tonight. She plays a mixture of Connie Francis and Four Seasons' songs, as well as originals.


Peter Bogdanovitch on Hollywood and Film.

Peter Bogdanovitch is a screenwriter, director, and producer, whose movies include "The Last Picture Show," "What's Up Doc?," and "Paper Moon." He got his start working for Roger Corman. Bogdanovich is also a critic and journalist, who has written for the Village Voice and Esquire, and also an author of several books about U.S. film directors. His latest film is a romantic comedy titled "They All Laughed," and Bogdanovich is currently distributing it himself through his company Moon Pictures.


Appreciating "An American Classic"

New York Times music critic John Rockwell wrote a book about Frank Sinatra's life in music and movies. He and Fresh Air host Terry Gross listen back to some of the singer's early recordings.


Reconsidering Marilyn

Feminist writer Gloria Steinem has a new book about actress Marilyn Monroe. Steinem was initially disgusted by Monroe's portrayal of some onscreen. Now she has a more sympathetic view toward the late actress's talent and vulnerability.


"Striking Poses" for Publicity Shots

Time Magazine film critic Richard Schickel's new book compiles promotional photographs of film actors that were taken while they were under contract with movie studios -- a publicity model which became obsolete with the advent of television talk shows and the decline of studio contracts.


Baby Doll Grows Up

Actress Carroll Baker launched her career with sexually-charged parts like title role of the film Baby Doll. Disillusioned with the Hollywood system, she moved to Europe. Now back in America, she writes books, including her newest novel, A Roman Tale.


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