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Motion picture acting




A Big Presence in Minor Roles

Character actor Robert Loggia is best known for his roles as cops in major motion pictures, including his Academy Award-nominated performance of Sam Ransom in Jagged Edge. He also played a Cuban drug dealer in Scarface.


Finding Fame as a TV Cop

Many viewers think Dennis Franz stole the show with his portrayal of Norman Buntz in Hill Street Blues. He stars in an upcoming comedy spinoff called Beverly Hills Buntz. Franz got his start early on in theater; small film parts later raised his profile as an actor.


Actress Patricia Charbonneau.

Actress Patricia Charbonneau. She now stars in two films: the cop/action film "Shakedown," and the erotic thriller "Call Me," about a writer who responds the wrong way to an obscene phone call. Charbonneau's previous roles include the lesbian who seduces a college professor in "Desert Hearts," an independent film based on a novel by Jane Rule. Charbonneau also has a recurring role as Inger Thornson in the NBC television series "Crime Story."


Ritchie Valens Becomes a Human Cuisinart

Lou Diamond Philips had his breakout role in the film La Bamba. Now he gets to stretch his acting chops as a knife-wielding, peyote-eating cowboy in Young Guns. He says he chooses his roles carefully to avoid being typecast as an "ethnic" actor.


The Return of Dean Stockwell

The former child actor dropped out of the film industry and later worked in real estate. He's recently made a comeback with movies like Married to the Mob and Blue Velvet. Stockwell tells Fresh Air guest host Sedge Thomson about the new perspective he's gained an adult.


Finding Roles for an Asian Actor

Japanese American actor Mako appears in two new films out now: Tucker and The Wash. He moved to the United States shortly after World War II, and later served in Korea. He considered dodging the draft, but worried ihs actions might affect his parents' immigration status in America.


"The Ragman's Son" Remembers

Kirk Douglas says that growing up in abject poverty was an advantage: he had nowhere to go but up. Often known for his tough guy roles, he also enjoys playing men who are weak, lost and vulnerable. He started his own production company to make movies he believed had depth and substance. His new autobiography looks back on his career so far.


Remembering "A Difficult Actor"

Accomplished stage and screen actor Simon Callow wrote a biography of Charles Laughton, from whom he drew tremendous inspiration. Callow says Laughton's skill in part stemmed from the late actor's self-hatred and closeted homosexuality.


"Street Smart" Actress Kathy Baker

Baker stars opposite Michael Keaton in the new movie Clean and Sober. Previously, she played a sex worker in Street Smart, which gained popularity after its home video release. Baker didn't start acting until she was in her thirties.


Movie Star Saeed Jaffrey

The actor left India to study in England; he says there were no opportunities to hone his craft in his home country. Despite personal discrimination and early difficulties finding race-approriate roles, Saeed refused to become bitter; he says harboring that emotion would have hurt his acting. He stars in the new film The Deceivers.

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