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Mothers and daughters in literature

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Scrappy 'Girlchild' Forms A Girl Scout Troop Of One.

Tupelo Hassman's debut novel stars Rory, a resilient, if ragged, life force raised in a Reno trailer park who adopts a tattered copy of The Girl Scout Handbook as her Bible. Rory endures sexual abuse, the death of loved ones, and everyday invisibility — all without playing for our sympathy.


Novelist Amy Tan on Mothers and Daughters

Tan's first novel is called The Joy Luck Club, which is about a group of Chinese mothers who try to understand their American-born daughters. She joins Fresh Air to discuss her relationship with her own mother, and her mother's home country.


Judy Blume and "Smart Women."

Judy Blume's novels for young adults such "Forever," "Deenie," and "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret," have generated controversy for their frank treatment of masturbation and teen sexuality. Blume also writes adult novels. Her latest "Smart Women," is the story of two divorced women in their forties and their teenage daughters.

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