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Million Man March

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Views on the Million Man March: Young Men and the March.

Geoffrey Canada is author of Fist Stick Knife Gun; A Personal History of Violence in America (Beacon Press 1995) It provides a look into the lives of children living in violence. Canada is President and CEO of Rheedlan Centers for Children and Families in New York. He helps at risk children in the inner-city to find alternatives to violence.


Views on the Million Man March: A Problematic Demonstration.

Glenn Loury is an African-American conservative who is an outspoken critic of affirmative action programs. He has just written the book One by One From The Inside Out: Essays and Reviews on Race and Responsibility in America. Free Press 1995. In 1987, Loury was nominated to become Reagan's Deputy Secretary of Education. Loury withdrew his name citing "personal reasons." Later that year, Loury was arrested for possession of marijuana and cocaine. He now a Professor of Economics at Boston University.


Views on the Million Man March: A Message of Atonement.

Mark Harrell (her-ell) is a local organizer for the Philadelphia contingent headed to Monday's Million Man March in Washington D.C. Last year, Harrell chaired a three-day forum in Philadelphia that brought together several hundred African-American men together to discuss problems in the black community. He is the Director of the Youth Gang and Drug Prevention Program for the Philadelphia Mayor's office.


Views on the Million Man March: March Organizer Terry Johnson.

Terry Johnson is a local organizer for the Philadelphia contingent headed to Monday's Million Man March. Johnson plans to walk to Washington to help symbolize his determination for a positive change in U.S. race relations. He and others will follow the path once used by the Underground Railroad.

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