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The Politics of Hate in the United States.

On April 10, 1995 Kenneth S. Stern, the American Jewish Committee's advisor on hate groups warned authorities that some kind of "incident" is likely to occur on April 19, 1995. The second anniversary of the Waco fire. He was proved right. A bomb destroyed the Federal building in Oklahoma City. The bombing raised the suspicion that the bombing suspect, Timothy McVeigh might have ties to a militia. Stern's has written, "A Force Upon The Plain: The American Militia Movement and the Politics of Hate" which has been published by Simon and Schuster.


The Politics of the Extreme Right in America

Investigator Michael Reynolds with the Klan watch Militia Task Force, with the Southern Poverty Law Center. The task force assisted in the investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing. Reynolds outlines the beliefs of many of these right wing groups.


A Look at Right Wing Extremism the U.S.

Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates in Cambridge, MA. He has spent 14 years tracking right-wing groups in America. He talks about the connection of militant right-wing militia groups to the Oklahoma City bombing.

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