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Ricks: Firing 'The Generals' To Fight Better Wars?

Thomas Ricks' new book, The Generals, is about what he sees as a decline of American military leadership and accountability. He says that in World War II, generals were held accountable for their lack of success — but that started to change with the Korean War.


Fresh Air Remembers Military Historian John Keegan.

Keegan spent his life studying war, but he never fought in one and described himself as more or less a pacifist. The British military historian, who died last week at age 78, chronicled the history of warfare from Alexander the Great to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.


Military Historian John Keegan

Keegan is known for his readable and comprehensive books about warfare including "The Face of Battle," (1976) and "The History of Warfare" (1993) which were both best-sellers. Recently he was series consultant to "War and Civilization" an eight-part documentary series (on the TLC cable network) which covers the past 5,000 years of conflict, beginning with ancient Greece. The series is narrated by Walter Cronkite.


What History Will Remember of the Gulf War

Terry talks again to Sir Michael Howard, professor of military and naval history at Yale. He'll discuss the Allied military strategy in the Gulf and how it compares to past wars throughout history.


Sir Michael Howard on the Justifications for War

Terry Gross talks with the military historian about the conflict in the Middle East. They discuss when war is warranted, and acknowledge the suspicions many citizens may have about those motives. Howard teaches at Yale University.


Beyond the Battlefield with John Keegan.

Military historian John Keegan. His new book, "The Second World War," recounts the strategies and battles of the war by looking at the three major theaters (the West, the East, and the Pacific) in both the early and late years of the war. Keegan, one of today's foremost military historians, is best known for analyzing the effects of war on the individual soldier. He taught for many years at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in Britain, and is now the Defense Correspondent of The Daily Telegraph in London.

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