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Hammer, Mike (Fictitious character)

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Spillane's Mark on Detective Fiction

How can a nice girl fall for a trench-coated tough guy who treats women like dirt and ridicules book-reading sissies? Our book critic tries to fathom the appeal of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer.


The Man Who Gave Us Mike Hammer

Crime writer Mickey Spillane died Monday at age 88. Spillane was most famous for his sex- and violence-drenched Mike Hammer detective novels. His titles include Kiss Me Deadly and I the Jury. While critics rarely praised Spillane, his books were bestsellers. This interview originally aired on Nov. 22, 1989.


Mystery Novelist Mickey Spillane

Detective writer Mickey Spillane is one of the world's most popular writers of the hard-boiled private investigator genre. He says his most famous character, Mike Hammer, is a kind of everyman; Spillane has carefully avoided any physical description of the detective.


Mystery Novelist Mickey Spillane.

Detective writer Mickey Spillane One of the world's most popular writers of the hardboiled private investigator genre. His most famous character is Mike Hammer. Spillane has just written his first Mike Hammer story in 19 years.


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