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Richard Ben Cramer On the Middle East.

Richard Ben Cramer, foreign affairs journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, has spent extensive time traveling to and reporting on the Middle East. He has reported on Israel, Egypt, and Lebanon, and his stories often focus on individuals. He joins the show to discuss his work and the situation in the Middle East.


Middle East's "Longest War" and It's International Ramifications

Pakistan-born, British journalist Dilip Hiro covers Middle East affairs. His forthcoming book on the Iran-Iraq war is called The Longest War. He says Iraq and its leader Saddam Hussein gained power by receiving intelligence and material support from Western states, including the U.S. He says any conflict between the U.S. and Iraq could destabilize the region.


The Roots and Current State of the Gulf Crisis

In this two-part interview, Terry speaks first with Trudy Rubin, a Mideast expert on the editorial board at the "Philadelphia Inquirer." Rubin's just left Baghdad. We speak to her from Amman, Jordan. Next, Terry is joined by David Fromkin. They talk about the colonial interventions in the Middle East around World War I, and how those actions resonate today.


How a Single Letter Defines Western Perceptions of the East

Linguist Geoffrey Nunberg comments on the way English speakers use the suffix "e" and "i" to lump together most nationalities in the Middle East (Kuwati, Iraqi...). He says the practice has its roots in the 19th and 20th century colonial period, and says a lot about how we view people in that region.


Deborah Amos on Covering the Middle East as a Woman.

Terry concludes her conversation with veteran NPR reporter Deborah Amos. After nearly ten years covering stories like Lebanon, Afghanistan, and the Gulf War, Amos is back in the states for a one year leave of absence. Today, Amos talks about the problems, and the advantages, of being a woman reporter in the Mideast.


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