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Middle East--Palestine

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Yorkam Kaniuk's "Confessions of a Good Arab"

The Israeli author's new novel is about a man descended from both a Jewish Holocaust survivor and a Palestinian aristocrat. While Kaniuk fought for the Israeli War for Independence, he also signed -- along with other Israeli and Arab intellectuals and artists -- an agreement advocating for Palestinian independence.


Ehud Ya'ari Discusses the Intifada.

Israeli journalist Ehud Ya'ari (A-hood yah-HAR-ee). He's the co-author of "Intifada: The Palestinian Uprising-Israel's Third Front." The book chronicles the events leading up to the Palestinian uprising, and it examines how the Israeli government misread, and misreported, the events surrounding the Intifada. Ehud Ya'ari covers Middle East affairs for Israeli television.


Palestine's Role in the Gulf Crisis

Rashid Khalidi is a professor of modern Middle East history at the University of Chicago. He and Terry talk about the proposal for an international peace conference on the Mideast, which includes calls for further negotiations in the Israel-Palestine conflict.


Imagining a Post-Saddam Iraq

Terry talks again to some of the our guests from earlier in the Gulf coverage. Two interviews in this segment:

Iraq emigre Laith Kubba, the leader of the London based group, "The Conference on Human Rights and Democracy in Iraq." He talks with Terry about planning for democracy in a post-Saddam era.


An Israeli and a Palestinian Discuss Their Ideas for a Solution to Conflict.

Terry Gross interviews Israeli scholar Mark Heller and Palestinian scholar Sari Nusseibeh ("sorry nah-seb-bay"). The pair spent months debating a way to achieve lasting peace. The plan they came up with is the subject of their new book, "No Trumpets, No Drums: A Two-State Settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict." (It's published by Hill and Wang).


Ze'ev Chafets Discusses the Upcoming Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks.

Editor Ze'ev Chafets (SHAY-fetz) of "The Jerusalem Report," a news magazine published in Israel. He's also the author of "Inherit the Mob," a comic novel about a journalist lured into the Jewish Mafia, baited by a large inheritance. Chafets will talk to Terry about his own life as an American living in Israel and about the upcoming peace talks.

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