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Middle East conflict

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On Music's Message of Peace

After seeing a performance the night the Gulf War began, classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz tells us about how music can be a poignant response to war.


New Songs with Mixed Messages about the War

Rock critic Ken Tucker reflects on some recent songs that have come out in favor of or against U.S. involvement in Iraq, including those by Sean Lennon, Hank Williams, Jr., Andrew Tippin, and Randy Newman.


Sandy Tolan's "The Lemon Tree."

"The Lemon Tree" is a special documentary marking the 50th Anniversary of the State of Israel and the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. It was produced for Fresh Air by Homelands Productions, producers of other public radio documentaries. It is narrated by producer Sandy Tolan and uses excerpts from his conversations with Bashir, a Palestinian man, and Dalia, an Israeli woman, to tell how their 31 year friendship reveals much of the painful history of the last 50 years experienced by both Palestinians and Israelis.

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