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Elton John On Music, Addiction And Family: 'I'm Proud Of Who I Am Now'

The recent biopic Rocketman painted a Hollywood version of Elton John's life, but a new memoir, Me, comes straight from the artist himself. In it, he describes how, as a young man, he was determined to enter the music business, in spite of some misgivings about rock 'n' roll in his household. As he tells Fresh Air, "My dad, of course, hated it."


From the Archives: Understanding the Larger World of Human Sexuality.

Sexologist Leonore Tiefer book "Sex Is Not a Natural Act: and Other Essays."(Westview) was published in 1995, and has since come out in paperback. In the book she looks at our society's anxieties and ignorances towards sex. She also questions what is "normal" sex and how people are to know how to have sex if no one talks about it. Tiefer received a Ph.D. in physiological psychology with a dissertation on hormones and mating behavior of rats. But Tiefer came to realize she knew nothing of the social norms of sexuality and questioned how sexual norms evolved.

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