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"Say Anything" Has Richness and Depth

Film critic Stephen Schiff reviews Cameron Crowe's directorial debut, about a lovestruck high school graduate, the beautiful overachiever he desires, and her doting father. Schiff says the plot is remarkably similar to The Graduate -- only Say Anything is the better movie.


"Ghost" Is A Refreshing Change from Summer Action Movies

Critic Owen Gleiberman says "Ghost" is a tense, touching, and funny love story starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg. Swayze's character dies, and Goldberg channels his spirit to communicate with his still-living love Demi Moore.


Sandra Bernhard Discusses her New Book.

Performer, comic and writer Sandra Bernhard. Some know her from her role in the ABC sitcom "Roseanne;" she also had a successful one-woman off-Broadway show called "Without You I'm Nothing," which was turned into a film and album of the same name. Her HBO special last year, "Sandra After Dark," satirized the old "Playboy After Dark" variety show. She appeared in Martin Scorsese's "King of Comedy," among other feature films. She was also linked as a possible love interest to Madonna.


On Two Kinds of Love

Poet Mark Halliday reads "Separated Father," a poem about the differences between familial and romantic love.

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