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Louisiana--New Orleans

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Mac Rebennack Performance Series, Part 7: Dr. John the Night Tripper.

New Orleans pianist and singer Mac Rebennack, a.k.a. Dr. John, performs the last segment of a seven-part performance series. Up to now he's payed homage to other New Orleans musicians, like Professor Longhair and Louis Armstrong. But this time he plays his own music. He calls it "homegrown Dr. John the Night Tripper Music."


Concert with Allen Toussaint.

A live concert with New Orleans songwriter, pianist and singer Allen Toussaint. Tousaint has performed extensively as a session pianist and producer and has written dozens of hits for New Orleans groups like The Nevilles, Irma Thomas, for Paul McCartney, The Wild Tchoupitoulas and The Meters.


New Album by One of New Orleans' Best Kept Secrets.

Jazz Critic Kevin Whitehead reviews "Brothers For Life, the new album by saxophonist Earl Turbinton. Like many New Orleans jazz musicians, Turbinton moves between work in jazz and rhythm and blues. He's worked with musicians as diverse as blues guitarist B.B.King and Joe Sawinul, the founder of the fusion band Weather Report.

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