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Louisiana--New Orleans

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New Album by One of New Orleans' Best Kept Secrets.

Jazz Critic Kevin Whitehead reviews "Brothers For Life, the new album by saxophonist Earl Turbinton. Like many New Orleans jazz musicians, Turbinton moves between work in jazz and rhythm and blues. He's worked with musicians as diverse as blues guitarist B.B.King and Joe Sawinul, the founder of the fusion band Weather Report.


Documenting the "New New Orleans"

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says that a number of New Orleans musicians left the city after they rose to prominence. He reviews a new series of albums featuring the innovations of players who stayed in their hometown.


'Pioneer Recording Bands 1917-1920'

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews Pioneer Recording Bands 1917-1920, a new collection of jazz recorded before 1920 by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band and the Earl Fuller Orchestra.


'Treme': A Haunting Snapshot Of Life After Katrina.

After profiling Baltimore's citizens, politics and problems in the HBO series The Wire, David Simon heads south to New Orleans — to look at the city three months after Hurricane Katrina. TV Critic David Bianculli reviews the series, which he says is "like a haunting piece of jazz from the French Quarter."


Dr. John: Righteous Anger, Graced By Wit.

Mac Rebennack, known as "Dr. John," has been a rock and soul ambassador for his native New Orleans since the late 1960s. Although his public profile has risen and fallen over the years, the spirit of his city is a constant presence on all of his albums. Critic Milo Miles talks about how crusading for wounded New Orleans has given Dr. John a jolt of vitality.

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