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Louisiana--New Orleans




A Crescent City Rock Label's Tale

There have been several waves of pop music in New Orleans since World War II, with each one subsiding as its celebrated musicians realize they can't make a living in the city they grew up in. In 1960, another of those waves crested, and with it came a pioneering effort for racial equality. Ed Ward has the story of AFO Records: All For One.


Rock historian Ed Ward

Rock historian Ed Ward tells the story of Frisco Records, a New Orleans soul label run by a female fry-cook.


The American Cities that Gave Us Rock and Roll: New Orleans.

Rock historian Ed Ward continues his series on cities and rock and roll. Today's city is New Orleans. Artists discussed include Dave Bartholomew, Fats Domino, Lloyd Price, Little Richard, Allen Toussaint, Lee Dorsey, Dr. John (Mac Rebennack), The Meters, The Neville Brothers,


Lee Dorsey Survives the New Orleans' Music Scene

Its easy for musicians to fall out favor in the city if they don't keep up with the latest sounds. But Lee Dorsey, who started singing at 35, was never interested in following the trends. Rock historian Ed Ward has this profile.


Irma Thomas at the Wrong Place and Right Time

The queen of New Orleans soul would have been a bigger star if she had moved to New York or Los Angeles earlier in her career, argues rock historian Ed Ward. Despite her local success, Thomas only had a few national hits. But by all accounts, she's happy now, performing in regional blues circuits and raising her four children.


The Rocking Music of Mardi Gras

Rock historian Ed Ward says the city has long celebrated the holiday with rock music, some of which incorporated Black Indian traditions and style.

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