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Los Angeles (Calif.). Police Department

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O. J. Analysis: How the L. A. P. D. Bungled the Case.

Editorial writer for the New York Times Brent Staples. He wrote a memoir last year: Parallel Time: Growing Up in Black & White (Pantheon). In 1984, Staples' younger brother, a cocaine dealer, was murdered. Staples began a process of reconsideration of the major questions in his life: his distance from his family by graduate study at the University of Chicago; the demise and racial divisions of his industrial hometown in Pennsylvania.


O. J. Analysis: Questionable Evidence.

Journalist Jim Crogan is a freelance writer with the L.A. Weekly and Newsweek. He covered the O.J. Simpson trial for the past 15 months, and the Los Angeles Police Department for several years.


The Ramifications of the Mark Fuhrman Tapes.

Probation officer for Los Angeles County, Jim Galipeau. He works with gangs in Los Angeles Galipeau has been a probation officer for almost 30 years. He's a Vietnam vet, and when he was a teenager, he was a street fighter and drug addict. Terry also talked with Galipeau in 1993 when he discussed the truce he was working on with the gangs.


After the Rodney King Riots, a Change of Leadership for the LAPD

Former Police Commissioner of Philadelphia Willie Williams replaced the controversial Los Angeles Police Department chief Daryl Gates. Williams' challenge has been to improve the relationship between the police and the community, and to build-up morale within the force. Williams has also had to prepare the department for possible further disturbances in the community, in light of the April riots over the Rodney King verdict.


Police Burst into Song in "Cop Rock"

The new Stephen Bochco-produced series is interesting, but TV critic David Bianculli says he need to see more episodes of the musical procedural before making his final judgement. The pilot's songs are composed by Randy Newman--who won't be involved in future episodes.


"Colors" is a Mediocre Hit.

Guest film critic Michael Sragow, film critic for The San Francisco Examiner, reviews "Colors," the controversial film about gangs and gang violence in Los Angeles. It stars Robert Duvall and Shawn Penn, and is directed by Dennis Hopper.

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