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Literary Figures: Novelists

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Jerzy Kozinski's Literary "Passion."

Author Jerzy Kozinski's new novel, Passion Play, is about polo and middle age. He talks about adopting the English language, sexuality in his fiction, and the state of the publishing industry.


The History of Judaism and Cultural Exchange

Novelist Chaim Potok's most recent book, Wanderings, is a non-fiction history of Judaism. He talks about the tradition of the hybridization of Judaism with dominant cultures around the world, the exploration of identity in literature, and the trajectory of Western society.


A Radical Look at Gay Male Sexuality

Author John Rechy has made a career writing novels and nonfiction about gay men, particularly their sexual behavior. While critical of sadomasochism, he views promiscuity as a revolutionary act which signals a radical break from mainstream heterosexual behavior.


Tim O'Brien On Writing About the Vietnam War.

Tim O'Brien is a novelist whose works often deal with the Vietnam War. His most recent novel was "Going after Cacciato," about a soldier in the war. O'Brien is currently guest lecturing at Temple University. He joins the show to discuss Vietnam, writing, and his work-in-progress "The Nuclear Age."

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