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Literary Figures: Novelists

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Poet Maxine Kumin in Bear Country

Recorded at the Geraldine Dodge Poetry Festival, Kumin reads a poem which incorporates the found text of a Canadian pamphlet about how to survive a bear encounter.


Raymond Chandler's Lasting Influence on Detective Fiction

Book critic Maureen Corrigan reflects on the literary legacy of the hard-boiled novelist, who was born one hundred years ago. She says Chandler's writing had an existentialist bent, and that Chandler may have been dismayed by the recent crop of politically-minded mystery novels, which feature gay and women detectives.


Joyce Carol Oates On "Women in Twentieth Century Literature."

Novelist Joyce Carol Oates delivers a talk at the Free Library of Philadelphia on the topic of "Women in Twentieth Century Literature." Oates traces women in the imaginations male writers of the era including John Updike, William Faulkner, Norman Mailor, William Styron, and D. H. Lawrence.

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