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After WWII, A Letter Of Appreciation That Still Rings True.

Recently, Fresh Air contributor Maureen Corrigan found a letter from then-Secretary of War James Forrestal that had been sent to her father after he had been honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy in 1945. In that letter, she found an expression of gratitude that could serve us well today.


Edna Gurewitsch

Edna Gurewitsch is the wife of the late Dr David Gurewitsch who was Eleanor Roosevelt personal physician from 1945 to her death in 1962. Gurewitsch has written a new book about the close personal relationship that developed between her husband and the former first lady, Kindred Souls: Eleanor Roosevelt and David Gurewitsch, 1945-1962 (St. Martin press). Dr Gurewitsch was a handsome, compassionate man, 18 years younger than Mrs Roosevelt, and she feel in love with him. He didn share those feelings, but they maintained a friendship of devotion and respect.


Simon Schama read from 'Winston and Clementine'

As part of the New Yorker's Beyond Words series, we hear Simon Schama read from Winston Churchill's work, Winston and Clementine: The Personal Letters of the Churchill's (1914-1916) by Winston Churchill. The Beyond Words series was taped October 11 in New York City at Town Hall. Proceeds benefit the September 11th Fund.


Writer Joyce Johnson

Writer Joyce Johnson talks about her relationship to Beat icon Jack Kerouac, and her book, Door Wide Open: A Beat Love Affair in Letters which is now out in paperback. In 1957, Johnson started a relationship with the then little-known writer Kerouac. Nine months later, Kerouacs Beat classic On the Road was published. Johnson will talk about her two-year, tumultuous love affair with Kerouac, and how the publication of On the Road changed Kerouac. Door Wide Open contains many letters sent to Johnson by Kerouac.


A Garden of Epistolary Delights.

Critic Maureen Corrigan reviews “The Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde” edited by Merlin Holland and Rupert Hart-Davis. (Henry Holt) The volume includes over 1500 letters. November 21, 2000 marked the 100th anniversary of Wilde’s death.


Dmitri Nabokov on His Famous Father

The son of writer Vladimir Nabokov is a writer himself, and works as a translator of his father's works. In 1989, Dmitri edited a volume of his father's letters dating from 1940-1977. The letters trace Vladimir Nabokov's struggles beginning with his arrival in America from Russia, to his legal battles over censorship of his most famous novel, "Lolita." A movie version of "Lolita" has been made but an American distributor for the film has not been found. The film's screenwriter is former Fresh Air film critic Stephen Schiff.


"This American Life" Presents "Accidental Documentaries"

In this excerpt from the award-winning NPR program, host Ira Glass features a 1967 "letter on tape" which was found in a Salvation Army Thrift Store. It features the father, mother and daughter of a Michigan family who's interactions on the recording reveal much about their relationships with one another.


Decades Later, Janis Joplin in Her Own Words

Laura Joplin is the younger sister of the rock legend Janis Joplin. Her new book, "Love XX Janis," was inspired by a bundle of letters Laura found of her sister's. This is the first time the letters are published. Laura is six years younger than Janis, and was 21 when Janis died. There's a new episode of the VH1 documentary series "Legends" about Janis Joplin, in which Laura reads some of the letters of her sister.


Elvis Costello Writes for String Quartet

In the late 1970s, Costello burst out of Britian's pop-music scene as an angry young-man with a fresh sound. On his new release, "The Juliet Letters," he works with the Brodsky Quartet. His new songs are based on a correspondence addressed to Juliet Capulet of "Romeo and Juliet."

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