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Christopher Dickey: Intelligence The NYPD Way

The Newsweek journalist writes that the NYPD has become one of the world's best intelligence-gathering operations; his book Securing the City explores New York City's creation of an elite counter-terror force.


Creator of 'Law & Order' Dick Wolf

It's the longest running drama on network television. After more than 300 shows, and 13 years, the "ripped from the headlines" half cop/half law show is still going strong. It's also inspired Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The latest spin off is Law & Order: Trial by Jury.


William Bratton On the "Turnaround" of Crime in New York.

Former Police Commissioner of New York City and Boston William Bratton. When taking over as New York's commissioner in 1994 he publicly vowed to bring the crime rate down. His new memoir is about how he accomplished his goal," "Turnaround: How America's Top Cop Reversed the Crime Epidemic." (w/Peter Knobler, Random House). (


A Changing Culture of Law Enforcement and Prosecution

Fresh Air broadcasts a lecture by music critic and journalist Nat Hentoff. He worries that the accessibility of U.S. citizens' computerized data is leading to increased surveillance and a troubling, Orwellian practice of law enforcement.

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