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McGeorge Bundy Discusses North Korea and Nuclear Weapons.

Former special assistant for National Security Affairs under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, McGeorge Bundy. He's co-authored a new book with Admiral William Crowe, "Reducing Nuclear Danger," XXXX. Terry will talk with Bundy about the threat that still exists of nuclear disaster from such countries as Iraq and North Korea.


Selig Harrison Discusses North Korea and Nuclear Weapons: Empty Threats from North Korea.

Selig Harrison spent four years as Washington Post Bureau chief in Japan, and is now Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He argues that the nuclear threat posed by North Korea is overstated -- that they are using the "nuclear card to get diplomatic recognition and economic help." Negotiations offer a chance for nuclear disarmament and dismantling throughout the area.


Charles Krauthammer Discusses North Korea and Nuclear Weapons: North Korea Is Clearly Seeking to Build a Bomb.

Syndicated columnist and writer for Time magazine, Charles Krauthammer. He favors an economic blockade of North Korea to force its government to stop any development of nuclear weapons. Of President Clinton's policy on North Korea Krauthammer. has said, "To allow North Korea to flout the nonproliferation treaty and become bomb supplier to every outlaw state on the planet would be Clinton's most humiliating and most dangerous foreign policy retreat yet." (Wash Post 3/25/94).


Writer Nicholas Kristof

Nicholas Kristof, editorial columnist for The New York Times, discusses the North Korea crisis. He has covered North and South Korea off and on since 1986. He's served as the Times bureau chief in Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo. He was co-recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting for his coverage of the Chinese crackdown on protesters at Tiananmen Square. In a column which appeared in the Times on February 4, 2003, he wrote, "The North Korean nuclear crisis is far more perilous than many people realize.


British Filmmakers Dan Gordon and Nick Bonner

Gordon is a sports journalist and Bonner is a specialist on North Korea. They collaborated on the documentary The Game of Their Lives about the most shocking upset in World Cup History: It was July 19, 1966, and the scrappy underdog North Korean team beat the favored Italians, whose players were some of the finest in the world. Later the Korean team lost in the quarterfinals to Portugal. Then the players returned home and disappeared from view.


Professor Gary Milhollin on Nuclear Weapons

Milhollin is director the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control, a non-profit research group in Washington, D.C. that has been tracking the spread of weapons of mass destruction since 1986. He will talk about who has nuclear weapons, who is developing them, who has intelligence about them and who poses the biggest threat. Milhollin is also professor Emeritus of the University of Wisconsin Law School. His op-ed pieces about nuclear weapons have appeared in many publications, including The New York Times.


Charles L. 'Jack' Pritchard

Pritchard is a retired U.S Army colonel and the former point man on North Korea for Colin Powell. He worked on North Korea issues in both the Clinton and Bush administrations. Pritchard resigned from the Bush administration in August 2003 and has criticized the administration for lacking an effective strategy. This week the United States is participating in six-party talks in an attempt to freeze North Korea's nuclear programs and restart inspections.


Graham Allison on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe

Graham Allison is an expert on nuclear weapons and national security. In his new book, Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe, he argues that avoiding a catastrophic nuclear event needs to be a higher priority for the U.S. government.


Musical Diplomacy: A Concert in North Korea

On February 26, conductor Lorin Maazel led the New York Philharmonic in an unprecedented concert in Pyongyang, North Korea. It was the first time a major American orchestra performed in the communist country. The concert was broadcast nationwide.


Mike Chinoy On How North Korea Went Nuclear

Journalist Mike Chinoy, author of Meltdown: The Inside Story of the North Korean Nuclear Crisis, discusses North Korea's development of nuclear weapons and America's attempts to stop their program.

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