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Unexpected Excitement In 'Cold Weather' & 'Poetry'

Aaron Katz's mumblecore flick Cold Weather is set in Portland, Ore.; Lee Chang-dong's Poetry is from South Korea. Critic John Powers says both films are wonderful, in part because the stories they tell are so unpredictable.


'Hostage Business' Survives Economic Downturn.

Despite the economic recession — or perhaps because of it — the kidnapping business is booming. In his recent New York Times Magazine article, journalist Nicholas Schmidle explores the international hostage market and its impact on workers.


With Its Limp Remake, AMC Breaks 'The Prisoner'

AMC's newest miniseries is an ill-advised attempt at a reboot of the cult-hit '60s spy series: A man known as Six (Jim Caviezel) finds himself trapped in a strange desert village, dogged b y a mysterious watcher (Ian McKellen's elusive Two). Critic David Bianculli says that despite McKellen's captivating performance, the remake has none of the curious genius of the original.


Last Act For 'The Shield'

TV critic David Bianculli considers the impact of the FX drama series The Shield, which begins its seventh and final season.


Jeremy Sisto, 'Kidnapped'

Actor Jeremy Sisto, best known for his role as Billy on HBO's Six Feet Under, is now starring in the new series Kidnapped on NBC. It premieres next Wednesday.

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