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Former 'Post' Editor Details The 'Rules Of The Game'

After 44 years as a newspaper man, former Washington Post executive editor Leonard Downie Jr. makes his debut as a fiction writer. His new novel, Rules Of The Game, features an investigative reporter on the beat of a hotly contested presidential election.


Christiane Amanpour: Reporting On Genocide

CNN's chief international correspondent, Christiane Amanpour has covered every major international and humanitarian crisis since the Gulf War. Her new documentary, Scream Bloody Murder, is about genocide — and the people who are working to end mass killing worldwide.


A Journalist's Take On 'An Ordinary Day' In Iraq

Iranian-American journalist Farnaz Fassihi was stationed in the Middle East from 2002 until 2006, where she covered the Iraq war and the daily struggles of the Iraqi people. She recounts her experiences in her memoir, Waiting for an Ordinary Day.


Journalist David Carr Fact-Checks His Own Story

Hostile womanizer, crack addict, New York Times journalist — David Carr has been all of those, sometimes simultaneously. For his memoir The Night of the Gun, Carr put on his investigative-reporter hat — to reconstruct his various sordid lives.


Reporter Jack Newfield

We remember reporter Jack Newfield. He died at age 66 in New York. He was known as a muckraker and columnist. He wrote books on Robert F. Kennedy, Rudolph Giuliani and Don King. He wrote for The Village Voice, The Daily News, The New York Post and the New York Sun. In the 1960s, he was drawn to the civil rights movement. He traveled with Kennedy during the 1968 presidential campaign and was present at his assassination


Josh Rushing: A Marine's Unexpected 'Mission'

Josh Rushing was a Marine Corps media liaison at Central Command, or Centcom, in the early days of the Iraq war. His job was to represent the Marines to the worldwide media covering the war in Iraq, including the Arab TV network Al-Jazeera, and he was featured in the documentary Control Room. After retiring from the Marines he took a job as a correspondent with Al-Jazeera, reporting from Washington D.C. His new memoir is Mission Al Jazeera: Build a Bridge, Seek the Truth, Change the World.


'Beauty Junkies' by Alex Kuczynski

New York Times reporter Alex Kuczynski's new book is Beauty Junkies: Inside our $15 Billion Obsession with Cosmetic Surgery. No stranger to "beauty maintenance," Kuczynski has had botox, an eye-lift, and liposuction, but gave it up after a bad experience with lip augmentation.

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