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A Columnist Can't Celebrate the Gulf War's End

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Steve Lopez talks about his recent columns on the war, and the local reaction to them. He was against the war from the start -- a position which earned him a lot of criticism.


James Reston Discusses His Life and Career.

Terry talks with journalist James Reston. Since 1940, he's worked at the New York Times, as a reporter, Washington bureau chief, executive editor, and columnist. He's just written a new memoir, called "Deadline." (It's published by Random House).


Arms Developments of the Post Cold War Era.

Michael Klare, defense correspondent for the Nation. In the February third issue, Klare examines the current state of arms sales throughout the world. He says although nuclear arms sales have been curtailed, and the Soviet Union is gone, the sale of conventional arms to the third world continues unabated. Klare is also an associate professor at Hampshire College, and director of the Five-College Program in Peace and World Securities.


Writer Gay Talese.

Writer Gay Talese. His new book, "Unto The Sons," is the story of the immigrant experience in America, and also the chronicle of Talese's own Italian ancestors coming to this country. Talese's previous works include the best-sellers "The Kingdom and the Power," "Honor Thy Father," and "Thy Neighbor's Wife."


Bob Simon Discusses his Time as an Iraqi Prisoner.

Bob Simon is the CBS News correspondent who was taken prisoner during the gulf war and held for six weeks. He's just written a book about the experience called "Forty Days." (Putnam) In it, he describes the indignity and loss of control he felt as a captive. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


Writer Benjamin Cheever.

Benjamin Cheever is the son of the late John Cheever. Ben is also a writer, and he grew up in the shadow of his father's fame. He's just written his first novel, for which he says he finally found his own voice, separate from his father's. "The Plagiarist" (Atheneum) is loosely based on Ben's life, and the time he spent working at "Reader's Digest" magazine. Ben was also the editor of "The Letters of John Cheever," published in 1988.


Pete Hamill Discusses His "Drinking Life."

Novelist, journalist and columnist Pete Hamill. He's written seven novels, including "Flesh and Blood," and "Loving Women." Most recently he was editor-in-chief at the New York Post. He's latest book is a memoir of the years he spent drinking, "A Drinking Life: A Memoir," (Little, Brown & Co.) Hamill quit drinking twenty years ago. One reviewer in Publishers Weekly writes about Hamill's new memoir, "This is not a jeremiad condemning drink, however, but a thoughtful, funny, street-smart reflection on its consequences."


Howell Raines Discusses his Life and Career.

Howell Raines is editorial page editor of "The New York Times." He's written a new "fishing" memoir, that's part sporting autobiography, and part guide-book for the middle years of life. "Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis," (William Morrow & Company). Raines also won the Pulitzer Prize for "Grady's Gift," a New York Times Magazine article about his friendship with a black woman in segregated Birmingham.

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