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Journalist Edwin Newman on Language

Newman worked in newspapers, radio and television. He joins Fresh Air to talk about the importance of language in journalism, the voice he adopted to report on tragedies and assassinations, and how he filled airtime when the copy ran out. A new collection of his columns is called I Must Say.


Judging the Performances of Presidential Elections

Nationally syndicated columnist and author Roger Simon. He's covered every presidential election for the past twenty years. He'll give us his impression of this year's election, the day after. Simon wrote the book "Road Show" about the 1988 presidential election. He's currently working on a book about this year's campaign which will be out next year.


A Journalist's New Novel Looks into Philly's Old Political Machines

Steve Lopez was an award-winning columnist for the "Philadelphia Inquirer" for twelve years. In his novels, Lopez confronts political corruption and greed as he did in his columns. His new novel is called "The Sunday Macaroni Club" (Harcourt Brace and Company). Lopez is now Senior Writer-at-large for Time Magazine.


The Future of the News Media

Investigative reporter Lowell Bergman is the producer of the new documentary, News War: Secrets, Spin and the Future of the News. The series is about the mainstream news media and the political, legal and economic forces at play.


How SuperPACs Are 'Gaming' The 2012 Campaign

Journalist Joe Hagan says the upcoming election will be "the ugliest campaign ever." He details how superPACs have changed the election game, bringing an unprecedented flood of outside money to fund opposition research and negative ads.

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