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Robert Fisk on Independent War Reporting

The British journalist has avoided the government-established pool system, which gives military access to reporters, but requires them to have their stories cleared before they're published. He explains his reasons in conversation with Terry Gross.


Journalist Artem Borovik on the Perils of Desert Warfare

Soviet journalist Artem Borovik Borovik covered the Soviet war in Afghanistan. His first hand account of that war has given him insight into the difficulties associated with combat in harsh climates -- conditions American soldiers may face during any intervention in the Gulf crisis.


Russell Baker Works His Way Up the Newspaper Business

The Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and former White House correspondent wanted to be a great novelist; he became a reporter and memoirist instead. His newest book, The Good Times, details his career during his 20s and 30s. He joins Fresh Air to talk about his frustrations as a Washington reporter, a particularly memorable interview with President Johnson, and how his writing changed as a columnist.


A Political Reporter Turns to Fiction

As a reporter, Ward Just covered the Vietnam War and, later, Washington politics. Now, he devotes himself to fiction writing. While his novels often draw on his knowledge of D.C. culture, Just is careful to invent his own characters, rather than use fictionalized versions of real politicians.


Christopher Hitchens on the Ideology of Objectivity

The British journalist reports on Washington politics for The Nation, Spectator, and Harper's. He's frustrated by the tendency of news outlets to avoid reporting facts about political figures that may seem partisan or outwardly critical. A collection of his columns, titled Prepared for the Worst, has just been published.


Revealing a "Bright, Shining Lie" in Vietnam

Journalist Neil Sheehan covered the Vietnam War, and published the leaked Pentagon Papers. His new book is about Lt. Col. John Paul Vann, who served in the war and grew frustrated with Army and political leadership. Vann was an invaluable source to the press during that time.


Forty Years Covering the Cold War

Former diplomat and journalist William Attwood has a new book about the Cold War, called The Twilight Struggle. Reflecting on the history of McCarthyism, relations with communist countries, and undercover operations, he believes the Cold War's end is in sight.

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