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Actor James Belushi Discusses His Childhood and Career.

James Belushi. He recently starred in "Wild Palms," the futuristic miniseries produced by Oliver Stone. Belushi is the brother of the late John Belushi. He was a member of the Second City improvisational comedy troupe and "Saturday Night Live," and has appeared in films and on Broadway. (Rebroadcast from 5/12/93).


Dan Aykroyd, Still Full of the 'Blues'

After soaring to fame with Saturday Night Live, Dan Aykroyd built a solid film career. But he's still capitalizing on his early hit, The Blues Brothers (now available in a 25th-anniversary DVD). He serves on the board of the "House of Blues" restaurant and concert-venue franchise, and last year he published a book as his Blues Brothers alter-ego, Elwood, interviewing blues greats. (This interview was first broadcast on Nov. 22, 2004.)

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