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Cissie Blumberg On Revitalizing the Catskills.

Esterita "Cissie" Blumberg writes a monthly column for the Catskill/Hudson Jewish Star. She grew up in a hotel in the Catskills, and later owned and operated it with her husband. Her new book is "Remember the Catskills: Tales by a Recovering Hotelkeeper" (Purple Mountain Press)


Novelist Cheryl Pearl Sucher.

Author Cheryl Pearl Sucher is the daughter of holocaust survivors. Her debut novel, The Rescue of Memory (Scribner), draws on her own experiences. It is about a young woman who must come to terms with the impact of the holocaust on her parents and her aunt, who were victims of the camps. (Interview by Barbara Bogaev)


Cissie Blumberg On Revitalizing the Catskills

Esterita "Cissie" Blumber writes a monthly column for the Catskill/Hudson Jewish Star. She grew up in a hotel in the Catskills, and later owned and operated it with her husband. Last year her book "Remember the Catskills: Tales by a Recovering Hotelkeeper" was published. (Purple Mountain Press)


Joan Nathan on "Jewish Cooking in America"

The television cook discusses her book and her new PBS series. "Jewish Cooking in America." The book and show are a patchwork of reminiscences and recipes from around the country. The 26-part series premieres this month.


Writer Allegra Goodman on How Orthodox Jews Live Outside Their Communities

Terry's interview with Allegra Goodman, the author of the novel, "Kaaterskill Falls" (Dial Press) about an orthodox Jewish family in upstate New York. This is Goodman's first novel. Her previous work, a collection of stories, "The Family Markowitz," was hailed by critics. One critic for the New York Times writes, "Goodman is brillant at capturing the clutter of both interior and exterior life. . .These stories sound like no one else's as she sharply appraises the shifts and quandaries of one variety of American Jewish life."


Writer Philip Roth Discusses "The Human Stain."

Writer Philip Roth. His new book “Human Stain” (Houghton Mifflin) is the third of his trilogy which includes “American Pastoral” and “I Married a Communist”. The book takes on issues of ethnic identity, and political correctness. (THIS INTERVIEW CONTINUES INTO THE SECOND HALF OF THE SHOW).


Fresh Air's Thirteenth Anniversary: Bar Mitzvah Memories.

We continue our celebration of Fresh Air’s 13th birthday by talking to a three comedians about bar mitzvahs-- Mel Brooks(Originally broadcast 7/30/91), Richard Lewis (Originally broadcast 6/16/88),and Richard Belzer (Originally broadcast 12/31/87).


From the Archives: Professor and Writer Andre Aciman on Egyptian Anti-Semitism.

Professor and writer Andre Aciman, author of "Out of Egypt: A Memoir." (Farrar, Straus & Giroux) The book follows Aciman's close-knit, flamboyant Jewish family through 50 years of residence in Alexandria. The family was forced to leave Egypt when Aciman was 14, during a long wave of Anti-Semitism and Arab nationalism. In “Out of Egypt,” Aciman explores the lives and relationships of his grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts, and finally his own emotions about leaving his idyllic childhood home.


"Jew vs. Jew."

Writer Samuel Freedman. He’s just written a book about the state of the American Jewish Community called “Jew vs. Jew: The Struggle for the soul of American Jewry." (Simon & Schuster) Freedman believes that three fundamental questions are rending the American Jewish community today: "What is the definition of Jewish identity? Who decides what is authentic and legitimate Judaism? And what is the Jewish compact with America?" We talk with Freedman following the recent nomination of the first Jewish vice presidential candidate, Democrat Joe Lieberman.


Cantor Philip Sherman

Cantor Philip Sherman is a mohel who performs the Jewish rite of circumcision on the eighth day of a baby boys life. In his twenty-two year career hes performed about nine thousand. His grandfather was also a mohel.

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