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'Sweet Smell Of Success': Gossip With A Cutting Edge

The classic 1957 film about the gossip industry has been remastered and rereleased on DVD and Blu-Ray. Critic John Powers says the movie's Manhattan is a "seamy, deglamorized world in which small men destroy lives to make themselves big."


Sinatra, The Singing Veteran Of 'Brooklyn'

In the 1947 film, It Happened In Brooklyn, Frank Sinatra plays a soldier who returns after four years at war and decides to pursue a singing career. Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews the recently-released DVD version of the film.


Remembering the Sleepwalking Life of Chet Baker

Baker made a career as a trumpet player and jazz singer. Known for his struggles with his addition, Baker recently died after falling from his window; drug paraphernalia was found in his room. Bruce Weber's new documentary about the musician has just been released. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead has this review.


Erasing Charlie Parker's Contradictions

Clint Eastwood's biopic Bird delves deep into the personal life and legend of Charlie Parker. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says the story fails to connect these often tumultuous moments with the genius of Parker's music.


Vivid Portraits of a Musician's Life

Bassist Milt Hinton pushed his instrument to new territories in jazz. He was also an avid photographer, who took pictures other noteworthy musicians during their tours across the country. His new memoir and photography collection is called Bass Lines. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says the book brings Hinton out of the shadows.


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