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Bley's "Mechanical" Music.

Carla Bley, jazz musician and composer, and trumpeter Mike Mantler join the show to discuss their upcoming concert and The Carla Bley Band's album "Musique Mecanique."


Golden, Dockery, and Fields On the Philadelphia Jazz Scene.

Pianist Jimmy Golden, pianist Sam Dockery, and trumpeter and club owner Jack Fields discuss jazz in Philadelphia. Jimmy Golden and Sam Dockery have served as house pianists at many Philadelphia jazz clubs, and Jack Fields owned the club the Blue Note in the 1950s.


How "To Be" Dizzy Gillespie

Al Fraser co-wrote Dizzy Gillespie's autobiography. He tells Terry Gross about the interviews he conducted with iconic jazz musicians during his research.


Philadelphia Pianists.

Philadelphian pianists, Peter Scheiner, Uri Caine, and Dave Posmontier have been playing in the area for years. They discuss the Philadelphia jazz scene and the life of working musicians. (INTERVIEW BY DANNY MILLER)


A Sculptor Brings A Musical Aesthetic to Public Art

Philadelphia-based artist Raphael Ferrer gave up a career in jazz to become a visual artist. He has just completed a sculpture in Fairhill Square Park. He tell Terry Gross about his unique aesthetic and his particular investment in vibrant Latino neighborhoods thriving in blighted areas of the Bronx and Philadelphia.

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