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Geoff Muldaur Takes Texas Sheiks On The Road.

For decades, singer songwriter Geoff Muldaur has been reinterpreting blues and jazz of the '20s and '30s. Today, we'll play some of the tracks from Muldaur's new album, Texas Sheiks, and he'll perform some songs live. Muldaur's band, also called Texas Sheiks, is currently on tour.


Remembering Roy DeCarava's 60 Years Of Photos

The photographer, who died Oct. 27 at age 89, dedicated his decades-long career to capturing images of African Americans. Roy DeCarava's subjects ranged from daily life in his hometown of Harlem to the Civil Rights movement.


In Claxton's Death, A Photo Pioneer Lost

Photographer William Claxton got his start taking photos of jazz musicians in natural settings instead of smoky lounges. His 1967 film Basic Black was considered the first fashion video. He died Oct. 11 from congestive heart failure.


Sinatra, The Singing Veteran Of 'Brooklyn'

In the 1947 film, It Happened In Brooklyn, Frank Sinatra plays a soldier who returns after four years at war and decides to pursue a singing career. Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews the recently-released DVD version of the film.


Remembering Photographer William Gottlieb

William Gottlieb died of a stroke last Sunday at the age of 89. In the '40s, Gottlieb learned photography and took hundreds of shots of the jazz greats of the time. Many of those shots are now well known through album covers, books, and posters. 200 of those photos appear in Gottlieb's book, The Golden Age of Jazz.


Remembering Saxophonist Steve Lacy

He died earlier this month. Lacy was considered "the foremost interpreter of Thelonius Monk" and in fact trained and performed with Monk when he was in his mid-20s. Lacy was also known as the "father of the modern soprano saxophone." (This interview first aired Nov. 20, 1997.)


Director of the Louis Armstrong House

Michael Cogswell heads the Louis Armstrong House & Archives. The archive contains 5,000 photographs, 350 pages of autobiographical manuscripts, 270 sets of manuscripts band parts and 650 homemade tape recordings. We'll hear excerpts from the tapes. Cogswell has just opened a museum and educational center at the Louis Armstrong House in Queens, where Louis and his wife Lucille lived for almost 30 years. Cogswell's new book is Louis Armstrong: The Offstage Story of Satchmo.


Producer George Wein

Veteran producer, pianist, singer, club owner George Wein. He's the founder of the Newport Jazz Festival, the Newport Folk Festival, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. In the early 1950s he founded the jazz clubs Storyville and Mahogany Hall in Boston where jazz giants Art Tatum, Sidney Bechet, Charlie Parker, Stan Getz and Miles Davis played. In 1954 he launched the Newport Jazz Festival where he presented Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Dave Brubeck and others.


Singer Jimmy Scott

Singer Jimmy Scott. There's a new biography on Jimmy Scott called Faith in Time by David Ritz. Scott's album, Falling in Love Is Wonderful, has just been reissued. He sang with Lionel Hampton's band in the late 1940s and early 1950s and influenced such singers as Nancy Wilson, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Qunicy Jones who played with Hampton's band then said of Scott's singing, "It's a very emotional, soul-penetrating style.


Jazz Week: Jazz Vibraphonist Gary Burton.

Jazz vibraphonist Gary Burton. He invented a four-mallet grip for the instrument that is used by many contemporary players. Burton left Stan Getz's quartet in the mid 60's (at the age of 24) to form his own combo; a few years later he hired a young guitarist named Pat Metheny, giving Metheny his first taste of big time jazz. Burton has been teaching percussion and improvisation classes at the Berklee School of Music in Boston; in 1985 he was named Dean of Curriculum there. Burton has over fifty albums to his credit and three Grammy awards. (originally broadcast 1/5/94)

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