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Michael Cuscuna and Charlie Lourie Discuss the "Blue Note Years"

Michael Cuscuna and Charlie Lourie are co-founders of Mosaic Records, a label committed to reissuing classic jazz recordings, many of them originally recorded by Blue Note. The two have also collaborated on the new book, "The Blue Note Years: The Jazz Photography of Francis Wolff," (Rizzoli International Publications). It includes 200 photographs taken by Francis Wolff from 1941-1965, who also co-founded the Blue Note label. Many of Wolff's photographs were used as Blue Note album covers.


Pianist Dave Burrell, Back on the Scene

Pianist and composer Dave Burrell was an important part of the free jazz scene of the 1960s, recording with Pharoah Sanders, Marion Brown, Archie Shepp and others. His new CD with his Full-Blown Trio, Expansion, marks Burrell's first recording for a U.S. label in almost 40 years.


Anat Cohen: Bringing The Clarinet To The World

On her latest album, Claroscuro, the jazz clarinetist explores influences that range from Louis Armstrong to Brazilian music to that of her native Israel. It's this desire to adapt the instrument to so many musical traditions that has earned Cohen such acclaim. (Originally broadcast on Feb. 6, 2013.)


'Sweet Smell Of Success': Gossip With A Cutting Edge

The classic 1957 film about the gossip industry has been remastered and rereleased on DVD and Blu-Ray. Critic John Powers says the movie's Manhattan is a "seamy, deglamorized world in which small men destroy lives to make themselves big."


Looking At The Life And Times Of Thelonious Monk

Robin D.G. Kelley's new book, Thelonioius Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original, focuses on the career of the eccentric jazz pianist and composer. It reveals new details about Monk's life, music and mental health problems, and provides a glimpse into the New York jazz scene of the mid-twentieth century.


Charlie Haden: A Bassist With A Country Pedigree.

Bassist Charlie Haden is known as a great jazz musician, but his background is all country. Growing up, he performed alongside his siblings in the Haden Family Band on radio stations across the South and Midwest. He details what it was like to grow up musically -- and why he recently returned to his country roots -- in a 2008 interview on Fresh Air.

This interview was originally broadcast on Sept. 24, 2008.


'Texas Sheik' Mixes Old Sounds With New Style.

Emmy Award-winning musician Geoff Muldaur has collaborated with artists from Jerry Garcia to Bonnie Raitt. His latest album with his band the Texas Sheiks draws on his jazz and blues background. He shares more from his past -- as well as a few tunes -- in the Fresh Air studio.


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