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Jackie Robinson

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Growing Up the Daughter of Jackie Robinson.

Author and daughter of Jackie Robinson, Sharon Robinson. Her new book is "Stealing Home: An Intimate Family Portrait by the Daughter of Jackie Robinson" (Harper Collins). She grew up highly privileged in a comfortable Connecticut suburb in the 1950s. Despite the celebrity of her father, Robinson was not immune to racism and was often conflicted over her father's role in the civil rights movement. The book traces Robinson's search for her own success and identity.


Baseball Great Willie Mays.

Baseball great Willie Mays, one of the most potent all-round players in the history of baseball. In his 22 seasons in the major leagues, Mays played in 21 All-Star Games, batted over .300 and hit 660 home runs. His autobiography, Say Hey, has just been published. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


Sportscaster Red Barber

The baseball radio broadcaster began his career in the 1940s. He was informed in advance of Jackie Robinson's recruitment by the Brooklyn Dodgers. Initially against baseball's desegregation, Barber grew to admire and support Robinson.

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