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Israeli Intervention in Lebanon (1982-1985)

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Palestinians and the Middle East.

Gail Pressberg is the director of the Middle East desk of the American Friends Service Committee. The AFSC is a peace organization that conducts studies and promotes communications between feuding parties. Pressberg is the co-author of the AFSC report "A Compassionate Peace: A Future for the Middle East." Pressberg joins the show to discuss the current war in Lebanon, the background of Arab-Israeli relations, and the recent history of the Palestinian people. Pressberg will also respond to listener calls. (INTERVIEW BY DANNY MILLER)


Israeli Director Eran Riklis on His International Perspective

Riklis's new film, "Cup Final," takes place in 1982: the Israelis have just invaded Lebanon and the World Cup soccer games are taking place in Barcelona. Riklis makes a point of humanizing Palestinians and painting a complex picture of Israeli-Palestinian relations.

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