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From Israel, A Humane And Honest Look At Life.

The new Israeli movie Ajami, shortlisted for an Oscar, is filled with the daily collisions of everyday urban life in the the port city of Jaffa. Movie critic John Powers says that the interesting characters and situations that fill Ajami remind him of the HBO series The Wire.


In 'Zohan,' the Messiah Complex Gets a Makeover

Adam Sandler's all-potent Israeli hero is a Biblical warrior, a sex god, and a take-no-prisoners hair-burner with a Paul Mitchell fetish. Juvenile he may be — but there's something mesmerizing about him, too.


David Grossman's Critique of Israel's Policies

Book critic John Leonard reviews Grossman's first novel, "The Smile of the Lamb," originally written in 1983. It explores the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians through the lenses of culture and language.

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