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A Mystery That Explores 'The Rage' Of New Ireland

Reporter-turned-novelist Gene Kerrigan sets his story in Ireland after the 2008 financial crisis. The Rage is a boundlessly readable portrait of a country in which ordinary citizens have been hit the hardest and all the old certainties have vanished.


Irish Author Roddy Doyle.

Irish author Roddy Doyle, winner of the 1993 Booker Prize for his novel "Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha" (Viking). Doyle taught school in Dublin for fourteen years; during that time he wrote and self-published his first novel, "The Commitments" about a band of musicians who bring soul music to Dublin. (It was made into a popular film here).


Dublin Author Roddy Doyle

Doyle's first book, "The Commitments," was published in 1987 and made into the hit movie of the same name, about a working-class Dublin band with soul. His inspiration for the book were the students he teaches in a north Dublin school. Doyle has continued writing about Barrytown, a mythic suburb of Dublin, and about the Rabbitte family, which has appeared in several of his novels.

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