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'Fresh Air' Favorites: Howard Stern

This week, we're listening back to some favorite Fresh Air interviews from the past decade. In 2019, Stern told Terry Gross he was no longer the raunchy shock jock he'd been earlier in his career.


Howard Stern Tells Terry Gross His 'Pure Id' Days Are Behind Him

Looking back on his early career, Howard Stern remembers being "petrified" that he wasn't going to be able to make a living. "All the sexual antics, the religious antics, the race antics — everything that I talked about, every outrageous thing that I did — was to entertain my audience and grow my audience," he says. "Whether you liked it or not, or the person down the street liked it or not — I didn't care as long as I kept growing that audience."


Koppel Prepares to Leave the Anchor's Desk

After 25 years as the host of ABC's Nightline, news anchor Ted Koppel is retiring. Nightline started out in March 1980 as extended news coverage of the hostage crisis in Iran. Koppel has won 37 Emmys and 6 Peabody Awards, as well as many other honors.


From the Archives: "All Things Considered" Hosts Linda Wertheimer and Robert Siegel.

A Host of NPR's All Things Considered Linda Wertheimer. She has been with NPR since the network first went on the air with All Things Considered, May 3, 1971. Wertheimer recently came out with a book that looks back at some of the key events in American history as they were covered by NPR stations: Linda Wertheimer's Listening to America: Twenty-Five years in the Life of a Nation as Heard on National Public Radio (Houghton Mifflin). It was released May 29, 1995. The book marked the 25th Anniversary of the founding of NPR not ATC. (REBROADCAST FROM 4/5/95)

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